Smart ForTwo 2011

2011 Smart Fortwo is a car that is very small and unique. This car is only able to be ridden by two people. With its MINI and height 167 cm, then the car is very suitable for use in places densely populated.

Machines used in the Smart Fortwo 2011 is 3 inline cylinder, capable of generating capacity of 999 cc. And energy that can be achieved is 72 HP at 5800 RPM. While the drive speed can be said to be very fast which is 10 seconds for each 100 km / hour. This car is very light weight of 750 kg and the fuel is also economical.

The interior of the Smart Fortwo 2011 is equipped with security systems or safety, for both driver and for passengers that is the presence of airbags, ESP, ABS and EBD. The cabin is very wide there, so it makes it convenient for drivers and passengers.

The outside of the Smart Fortwo 2011, has the cirri are using tires from Bridgestone B340 product Z. While the size of car tires that are used between the tires front and rear is another that is sized 155/60R15 front while the rear tires sized 175/55R15.