2011 KTM Sport Cars X-Bow R Exclusive Class


KTM is developing another variant of its X-BOW model called the X-BOW R for 2011. The prototype of the model is featured in the photographs published here doing some testing. Pictured above is a prototype of the new X-Bow R taken at its first test outing at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. The 2011 KTM Sport Cars X-Bow R Exclusive Classwill be a sportier version of the current X-BOW from the boutique Austrian automaker (KTM is mainly a motorbike and bicycle maker) which has been available since 2008.

As far as streetable open-track cars go, the KTM X-Bow is in a very exclusive class, kept company primarily by the Ariel Atom and the Lotus 2-Eleven. But KTM is reportedly planning to up the ante with a pair of new models, including a race-bred R model and a more practical T model. The R model will likely be an evolution of the GT4 car.

After having been on the market for approximately two years now, the 2011 KTM Sport Cars X-Bow R Exclusive Class line-up will be supplemented with the introduction of the “R” model in the upcoming year. The engine for this even more powerful version comes again from Audi – but it will be exactly the same engine used among others in the actual Audi S3.