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Fisker Karma luxury car

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma has a shape like a very luxurious sedan. Fisker Karma is a car manufactured by automotive manufacturers in California Fisker Automotive. This car is friendly to the environment, because its shape is very slim.

Fisker Karma four-door is made with a design, while for the seat made very luxurious. There are eight airbags. The installation of ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and the PBA. Having ample luggage capacity.

Fisker Karma has a good speed with proven capable of reaching a distance of between 1 mph to 60 mph, only with a time of 09.05 seconds. Using an electric-powered machine with a lithium – ion battery that can recharge and for a distance of 80 km. To be able to accommodate 20 Kwh battery developed by strategic partners.

There is no mechanical link between the internal combustion engine fitted with the wheels pengerak. Part to the four wheels are made from aluminum which SLA independent suspension with a size of 22 inches. Section fingers – fingers tire made with a five star shape, with a combined silver and black colors make the appearance of luxury cars is increasing.

Fisker Karma use tailpipe emissions well designed. Has a top speed to 125 mph. Used for torque electric engine torque, with is capable of providing good speed. For the Fisker Karma car kerangkan many uses material from aluminum.

2011 Fisker Karma Sport Car

Fisker Karma Sport Car 2011Fisker Karma Sport Car 2011
Fisker Karma Hybrid Sport CarFisker Karma Hybrid Sport Car
Fisker Karma Luxury Sport CarFisker Karma Luxury Sport Car

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