Citroen Tubik 2011

Citroen Tubik 2011 is a new breakthrough for the family car that can be said to be luxurious and very comfortable, because it can accommodate as many as nine people. With seats that have up to three lines. Driver’s seat in the back row, can cater for two people, with the position of the seat facing forward or facing the street, can also be made to face – the face.

Citroen Tubik 2011 has a floor covered with beautiful skin. Regarding the shape has a size of 4.80 m length, width and height of 2:05 m 2:08 m Having yabg space called the living room (ie room in the middle or rather behind the driver) are in the design resembles the shape of a cocoon.

Citroen Tubik 2011 has the display head – up display is complete, while the screen is located amid the wheel, has a function as a control for all incoming information for purposes of navigation.

Wheels for Citroen Tubik 2011 has a large 22-inch mounted higher than the sedan, as well as having forms a narrow or small tire with low rolling resistance.

Citroen Tubik 2011 using Hybrid system 4 and a diesel engine. Equipped also with full technology design improvements hybid and seeking a better, ie aerodynamic design.